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SMR 101 Webinar

Wednesday, March 27

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Paul Thompson

Senior Strategic Advisor

Énergie NB Power

Paul is the senior strategic advisor on the NB Power Advanced SMR team and previously held positions of Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer for NB Power, NB Power member of the COG board of directors, member of the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research advisory board, alternate station director and the chairman of the CANDU 6 Steering Committee.

Paul is an active supporter of the Canadian Nuclear Society. He was President of the Society in 2015/2016, a role he also previously held in 1998/1999. Paul is a fellow of the Canadian Nuclear Society and received the CNS/CNA Harold A Smith Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2020.



Steven Coupland

Senior Advisor


Steve Coupland is an independent consultant focused on helping non-emitting technologies navigate the complex relationships between government, industry and Canada's regulatory processes needed to bring projects to completion. Previously Steve spent over 20 years with Bruce Power as a Senior Advisor for Regulatory Affairs and the company's point person in Ottawa. In addition, some of his time was seconded to the Canadian Nuclear Association, where he served as the Director for Regulatory and Environmental Affairs where he was the lead spokesman for the nuclear industry on climate change initiatives, impact assessment and matters relating to the Canadian Nuclear Association. Prior to joining the nuclear industry, Steve spent 15 years as a political staffer including roles as a Director in the Prime Minister's Office, Senior Advisor in Finance and Industry Science and Technology in addition to being Director of Organization and Director of Tour for a national political party.


8:00 am - start time

Nuclear background

- What is a nuclear reactor/how it works

- Background on early nuclear development

- Different reactor types (Light water/heavy water/gas & graphite)


History of Nuclear in Canada

- Early days – Chalk River

- CANDU 6 – Pt Lepreau / G2 / Romania / Korea / China / Argentina

- Supply Chain

- Life extension (Refurbishment/MCR)

- Plans for new large nuclear in Ontario



- SMR Roadmap / Industry groups / Inter-Provincial MOU

- Technologies

- High level walk through of various technologies 

- Ongoing SMR siting projects (DNNP/GFP/ARC-100)


Applications in Western Canada

- Grid, industrial, off grid micro reactors



- Overview of CNSC


- Other federal acts – Fisheries, SARA

- Provincial responsibilities


Fuel Cycle

- Mining, processing

- Enriching, fuel fabrication

- Waste management


Social Acceptance

- Indigenous engagement

- public consultation

- Polling