Nuclear plays a key role to supply clean energy for communities, but also for heavy industry emitters, like oil sands, chemicals, manufacturing and more. In addition to creating clean energy, there can be positive advancements in economic reconciliation for First Nations across Canada. 


Small modular reactors: Canada leading the way


Canada has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and has reaffirmed its position to accelerate a path to a 100 percent net zero carbon electricity future. Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) are being evaluated to supplement baseload and firming electricity requirements to achieve Canada’s net-zero goals.


Small Modular Reactor Canada Conference, known as SMR Canada brings together the all of the relevant stakeholders including technology suppliers, EPC's, governments, regulators, utilities, First Nations, NGO's and end users. Over two days, we'll have informed discussions on the future of nuclear opportunities, the drawbacks, required investment and how Canada moves forward to support an SMR industry.


The conference program is being expertly curated by the SMR Canada Advisory Board. Topics being evaluated for presentation include:

  • A review and comparison of SMR technologies
  • Regulatory and government updates
  • Environmental and ESG
  • Investment
  • Indigenous partnerships
  • supply chain

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